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Our goal is to create a recipe where a man with a pickup, a shovel and a pump can mine enough gold to pay off his mortgage in a month.

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Why Are We Doing This?

It is now virtually certain that the dollar is going to fail just like the Marc did in Wiemar Germany. If we follow the same pattern, 35 centigrams of gold (currently $20) will be worth $1 trillion dollars within 6 years. When it does, anyone that has savings in dollars is in big trouble. It will require a wheel barrow of dollars to buy a loaf of bread. Those who have purchased some gold will come out on top. But those that have a piece of a gold mine are the greatest winners.

Our goal is to save America by creating an alternative. We already have several very good gold mines and we are working to create a recipe that will make the gold in these mines available to the public in order to restore prosperity to our economy. And you can participate by joining this crowd funding program. The crowd funding will help further our research.